Guida alla visita di Bergamo
Are you on holiday on Lake Garda and would you like to visit a nearby city of art? Just to help you, I decided to write a travel guide on what to see in Bergamo in one day. Visit Bergamo in a day, the symbolic places of the city If you have never been to Bergamo, you will probably be amazed to know that it stands on seven hills and that the heart of the
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Padova dall'alto
What are the symbolic places of the city? To find out, you just have to read the article, I will give you some suggestions for visiting Padua in one day. Prato della Valle and the other squares of city life You might not believe it but Prato della Valle has an area of ​​88,620 square meters and, in the central part, is the Memmia Island, a green area surrounded by a canal and a double
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Cosa vedere a Malcesine? Il Castello Scaligero tra le tappe da non perdere
Among the villages to visit on Lake Garda is Malcesine, a splendid medieval village perched which, precisely because of its position, offers a breathtaking panoramic view. To find out what to see in Malcesine and its surroundings, read my travel guide. What to see in Malcesine: the Scaligero Castle There are glimpses that can make our day unique and, from the Scaligero Castle, you can admire an enchanting panorama. Just climb up its tower and
Garda Lake, Paesi del lago
Carnevale, dove festeggiarlo
One of the most loved parties by children, perhaps due to the colors of the costumes or the confetti thrown into the air with that almost contagious joy that only those who approach life can experience in its purest form. In the article you will find the story of the origins as well as the most beautiful Carnival parties in northern Italy. Where was the Carnival born? Its origins can be traced back to the
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Musei Ferrari a Modena, la storia di un successo all'italiana
Italy is known for its historical and artistic heritage, for the beauty of its landscapes and for its cuisine, the best in the world according to many. However, there is another aspect that makes it famous: it is the Formula One team, Ferrari. Precisely for this reason, today we will talk about the Ferrari Museums of Modena, I will also give you some suggestions for visiting the city, including gastronomy. The Enzo Ferrari museum in
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Riva del Garda dall'alto
Riva del Garda is enchanting, just like the fairytale night that takes place every year in August in the town. A place so full of events and experiences that you can live with your family or in the company of friends and boyfriends that it is impossible to ignore it. For this I will suggest what to do in Riva del Garda.   The Busatte-Tempesta path: one of the activities not to be missed A
Garda Lake, Paesi del lago
il santuario della madonna della Corona
The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona is located in Ferrara di Monte Baldo, more precisely in Spiazzi, in the province of Verona and is one of the most fascinating places in Italy. 2022 will see the beginning of the jubilee year. In fact, 500 years have passed since the statue of the Virgin is kept in the sanctuary. Considered a real apparition from the island of Rhodes but, in reality, it was nothing more
Il castello di Arco e la vista panoramica
Arco di Trento, a picturesque town in winter thanks to the presence of Christmas-themed markets, is appreciated in all seasons for its perched castle and the numerous sports activities that can be practiced in the area. In this article you will find a guide to know what to see in Arco di Trento. Are you ready to discover the five ideas I have thought for you? We leave immediately. The Christmas markets of Arco To
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torta sbrisolona Mantova
If you have been to Mantua at least once, I am sure that you have paid particular attention to the choice of the restaurant and the typical products of the area. After all, a journey begins with its flavors, as happens for a day trip. In this article you will find the typical Mantuan dishes that I recommend you try!  Typical Mantuan dishes not to be missed  You can only start with the appetizer, don’t
Verona vista panoramica

9 November 2021

What to see in Verona?

Verona is one of the best known cities in Italy, thanks to the dramatic story of Romeo and Juliet. A romantic city to visit in any season. If you want to find out what to see in Verona and its surroundings, in this article you will find my itinerary proposal.   The historic center of Verona and the attractions not to be missed Walking through the streets of the historic center you come across the
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