The Ferrari museums of Modena and a guide to the city!

Paola Tiberio

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Italy is known for its historical and artistic heritage, for the beauty of its landscapes and for its cuisine, the best in the world according to many. However, there is another aspect that makes it famous: it is the Formula One team, Ferrari. Precisely for this reason, today we will talk about the Ferrari Museums of Modena, I will also give you some suggestions for visiting the city, including gastronomy.

The Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena and the Ferrari museum in Maranello: information for the visit and history

Entering the Ferrari museums is any fan’s dream, so they say. The two structures, one in Modena and the other in Maranello, aim to tell the story of the great Enzo Ferrari, not just the engines that made this car an opponent to beat at every race.

The structure was inaugurated in 2012: if on the one hand there is the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari in Modena, on the other there is an exhibition space divided into five areas in Maranello.


A success story that has kept millions of viewers in front of the screen for years and years and which, despite the passage of time, continues to do so. Ferrari is not only the result of an Italian-style business idea but is the story of an emotion, of a country that comes together every time.

The two Ferrari museums in Modena represent the story that all of us would have liked to have been told as children: passion, synergy, union and sharing of values ​​but also of strength and resilience.

Winning ideas are destined to last forever, especially if they are accompanied by a human side whose authenticity shines through.

You will be happy to know that, by visiting the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, you will have the opportunity to access one of the most beautiful experiences you can have.

In fact, the Modena racetrack will give you the opportunity to travel along its track with your car for a good fifteen minutes. A desire of many that finds its fulfillment on this occasion.


The Ferrari museums of Modena, the story of Enzo Ferrari between desires and difficulties

Born in February 1898 in Modena, Enzo Ferrari grew up accompanied by a great passion: that of racing cars.

He dreams of building racing cars and tries, unsuccessfully, to join FIAT. Despite the initial discomfort, the great Enzo Ferrari did not give up and began his career as a test driver.

A continuous evolution leads him to become an Alfa Romeo driver, no longer the test driver of the past. Years pass until he meets the parents of the aviator Francesco Baracca who ask him to give his son’s coat of arms to his cars. If you are wondering what it was, the answer can only be the prancing horse.

In 1929 the great dream came true: the Ferrari team was born. There is no need to tell you about the successes, I’m sure you have seen them with your own eyes, even from the television screen alone.


What to see in Modena in one day: travel tips and typical dishes

At the center of city life is the beautiful Piazza Grande which, with its Ghirlandina Tower and the Cathedral, has been classified as a Unesco heritage site.

Climbing the two hundred steps of the Ghirlandina Tower, you can admire a beautiful panoramic view over the city. For opera lovers, it is impossible not to stop in front of the statue in memory of Luciano Pavarotti, at the entrance to the Municipal Theater named after him.

The Luciano Pavarotti Municipal Theater in Modena is one of the symbols not only of the city but of the entire country. The homage to one of the most influential personalities in the opera scene, which was Luciano Pavarotti, is certainly an accomplice.

Today, in addition to being the location par excellence for opera performances, it presents a diversified program of ballets and concerts.


In addition, I suggest you visit the Pavarotti House, where the great artist is told through the objects that marked his daily life.

What is told is his life, between everyday episodes and career awards as well as an exhibition of stage clothes.

A city like Modena is also good to know for its history: to dominate it the Este Duchy, I suggest a visit to Palazzo Ducale, home to the Dukes of the dynasty and its beautiful gardens.

Remaining on the cultural theme, dedicate a few hours to the Palazzo dei Musei, in Largo Sant’Agostino 337. Built at the behest of Duke Francesco III ° d ‘Este as an Hotel for the poor, it is thanks to Ercole III ° d’Este that it becomes a place destined to art.

Fulcrum of the culture of the city of Modena, it brings together various institutes, including the Estense Gallery, the university library, the lapidary museum, the civic museum and the Giuseppe Graziosi plaster cast gallery. To discover the rest of the institutes that are part of it and the history of this cultural center, consult the official website.


The typical dishes of the city, which cannot be given up?

Traditional recipes have always been the most popular, you can feel their human warmth and a scent that can only be defined as inviting.

The typical Modenese dishes are the history of the city’s popular tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. An indissoluble link between present and past that will never be able to break, not even in the name of the modernity of today’s times.

If you want to know the flavors of the city, try one of these typical dishes:

  • The delicious crescentine, to be tasted by stuffing them with local cold cuts and cheeses;
  • The borlenghi, a must in any self-respecting festival in the Modena Apennines. A sticky dough, similar to a crepe, to be served with a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano on a Modenese-style pesto base;
  • Tortellini, the pasta shape that is the protagonist of the Christmas lunches of Modena families, to be enjoyed on cold winter days;


  • Balsamic vinegar, also called Oro Nero, the condiment of excellence to be used on cheeses and more;
  • One of the best known desserts, born in Vignola: the famous Barozzi cake, a perfectly successful combination of coffee and chocolate for a flavor that does not escape the palate;
  • Amaretti di Modena and Nocino, a typical liqueur known for its digestive properties;
  • The bensone, a sugar-coated donut eaten for breakfast.

These are just some of the typical products and dishes to try during your visit to the city of Modena. If you like other travel suggestions to visit Modena and surroundings, do not hesitate to write to me.

Have you ever been to the Ferrari Museums in Modena?


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