What to do in Riva del Garda: 5 travel ideas!

Paola Tiberio

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Riva del Garda is enchanting, just like the fairytale night that takes place every year in August in the town. A place so full of events and experiences that you can live with your family or in the company of friends and boyfriends that it is impossible to ignore it. For this I will suggest what to do in Riva del Garda.


The Busatte-Tempesta path: one of the activities not to be missed

A route with the most beautiful panoramic view in the area, not suitable for those suffering from vertigo. The path seems almost suspended, you can start from the Busatte park above Torbole and then get to Tempesta. During the walk you will be accompanied by a lake view that is difficult to match and you will find yourself enveloped in the green of the trees.

There are 400 steps for a ten-kilometer itinerary, including a round trip and three panoramic stairways. Given the type of path, I suggest you check the weather conditions to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

Take this path in spring and summer but avoid winter because ice is the number one enemy of balance.


Riva del Garda with children: a bike ride along the Ponale

If the first activity is not suitable for children, a bike ride is instead ideal for spending a few hours together in the open air.

This path to be tackled on foot or by bike connects Riva to the beautiful Valle di Ledro. There are so many rentals in town and the choice will guarantee an experience that you will hardly forget!

The lake will remain by your side for almost the entire route and the view will become more and more beautiful as you continue by bike.

Are you not trained but still want to enjoy the experience? Rent a pedal assisted bike and fatigue will be just a distant memory.


Get on the panoramic lift in Riva del Garda and enjoy a splendid view of the lake

In a few minutes the panoramic lift, located in via Monte Oro in Riva del Garda, will take you to the bastion.

If before a twenty-minute walk was the only way to reach it, the brand new glass lift offers a much less demanding way.

A restaurant with a view of Riva and the lake awaits you, a dinner here will leave you enchanted both by the quality of the service and by the enchanting panorama that will open before your eyes.

Did you know that the lift is also active on Christmas day? The magic of the winter lake is ready to show itself to you.


What can you do in Riva del Garda? Admire the Varone waterfall

Another idea to enjoy a day with family or friends is the beautiful Varone waterfall. A jump of a hundred meters of the Magnone stream that shows all its power in the jet and, for this reason, it is necessary to cover yourself with a cape.

If you don’t have it, you will find it on sale from the ticket office.

Small moments are the ones that give the most beautiful joys and, if you have children, a trip to the Varone waterfall will be an adventure that all classmates will tell.


A walk to Lake Tenno and the small village of Canale di Tenno

What’s more relaxing than a walk? Lake Tenno is a body of water whose color shines in the summer.

The path that runs alongside it is ideal for a walk to discover this beautiful turquoise lake. If you have a few hours available, you can decide to stop, perhaps for a picnic.

We now come to one of the most beautiful villages around Riva, we are talking about Canale di Tenno.

During the Christmas holidays it is known for the Christmas markets that animate the historic center but its charm is in the narrow streets that characterize the village.


Final tips for experiencing Riva del Garda and its surroundings

I hope I have given you some ideas to experience Lake Garda in the best way. Riva del Garda has a beautiful historic center that you can visit in the space of an afternoon.

Stroll along the lakefront and stop on one of the many benches you will find during your walk. The spirit of the lake is also this, enjoy the view and that feeling of relaxation that the lake can give to those who take the time to stop.

If my five travel tips weren’t enough, there is another town not to be missed: Arco di Trento. A village that attracts tourists for its being the center of various sporting activities in the area and which, thanks to its castle, dominates the lake from above.

To discover the travel guide I have created for you, do not miss the article on Arco di Trento. You will also find the event that more than any other characterizes the country: the Rock Master. This is the festival of excellence dedicated to climbing.

What are you waiting for to visit Lake Garda and experience its activities in the midst of nature?


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