What to see in Bergamo in one day?

Paola Tiberio

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Are you on holiday on Lake Garda and would you like to visit a nearby city of art? Just to help you, I decided to write a travel guide on what to see in Bergamo in one day.

Visit Bergamo in a day, the symbolic places of the city

If you have never been to Bergamo, you will probably be amazed to know that it stands on seven hills and that the heart of the historic center is Bergamo Alta. One of the most fascinating cities in northern Italy and which I am going to tell you about today.

The walls of Bergamo are perfectly preserved and surround the city with its five kilometers in length. It was the Republic of Venice that wanted it to be built and, on the entrance doors to the city, the Lion of San Marco is depicted.

To reach Bergamo Alta, just take the funicular.

What to see in Bergamo? Surely the two squares in Bergamo Alta

The most beautiful and characteristic squares are that of the Shoe Market and Piazza Vecchia. There are many historic buildings in Piazza Vecchia, including that of the Ragione, Palazzo Podestà. The Campanone, also in the square, is the civic tower and every evening at ten one hundred tolls mark the closure of the accesses to the city.

It is possible to climb the tower to admire one of the most beautiful views of Bergamo. You can decide to walk the 230 steps or use the lift.

Palazzo della Ragione is the oldest municipal building in Italy and, on the first floor, there is the Museum of the Frescoes. There are more than 100 frescoes preserved inside and, a particular mention goes to those of Bramante.

In the center of the square is the Contarini Fountain, a gift from the Podestà of Venice before leaving his post. Don’t forget the religious buildings: the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Duomo and the Colleoni Chapel.

Earlier I told you about the funicular that connects lower Bergamo to the upper part of the city. In reality there is another funicular which, from the upper part, will lead you to San Vigilio. In front of your eyes a panoramic view that is nothing short of enchanting.

The panoramic points to admire Bergamo from above

A city like Bergamo is beautiful from every angle and enjoying a panoramic view from above is certainly a great idea, especially at sunset. To admire the city, in addition to the walls and the Campanone, there are:

  • The botanical garden
  • Colle San Vigilio
  • Torre del Gombito
  • La Rocca, built on the remains of the old Castle

Another unmissable stop is Casa Donizetti, the home of the composer whose visit is made even more interesting by the background music that will accompany you all the time.

Typical Bergamo cuisine

Strong flavors characterize the gastronomic tradition of the city. Among the typical dishes we find:

  • casoncelli (egg pasta stuffed with meat, macaroons and sultanas)
  • the polenta taragna born from the union of buckwheat flour and corn flour. A perfect accompaniment to meat stews.
  • As dessert, the Donizetti cake, a donut enriched with candied pineapple and apricots which includes maraschino among the ingredients.

What to see in Bergamo in one day? Its surroundings

Not only the city but also its surroundings are worth a visit and for this I recommend the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo. Here you will find vegetable gardens, vineyards, woods arranged on terraces and San Vigilio Castle, one of the most beautiful viewpoints.

For a few hours of relaxation there is San Pellegrino Terme, a thermal structure founded in 1840 and renovated to later become a QC Terme center. Forget your daily worries by taking advantage of one of the many treatments available to you, whirlpools, tubs and waterfalls. There are also saunas and relaxation areas, all in one of the most popular spa centers in the area.

How about a Franciacorta tasting? In the surroundings of Bergamo the Franciacorta area is known for the production of the famous sparkling wine and for the grapes thanks to which excellences are produced such as:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot bianco
  • Pinot Noir

Lake Garda, the ideal starting point for visiting Bergamo

Bergamo is located a short distance, about an hour, from Lake Garda. Sirmione is one of the best known places and is among the favorite tourist destinations for tourists. A well-kept historic center thanks to the presence of the Scaligero Castle, as well as the Grottoes of Catullus, state-of-the-art spas and beaches where you can spend hours of relaxation.

You could visit the city by choosing Sirmione as a starting point. Our apartment complex, BellaSirmione, boasts a shared swimming pool and garden and two-room apartments, ideal for a family holiday. They are located in Colombare di Sirmione, not even a kilometer away from the historic center and, precisely for this reason, they guarantee a quiet atmosphere.

To view the apartments and the specifications of each, you can consult this link and contact me in case you want to receive more information. We want nothing more than to make you feel at home, after all our motto is “Feel at home.”

Each of our guests will receive advice to discover Lake Garda and its surroundings. The passion for our work, in addition to the in-depth knowledge of the territory, is the basis of our idea of ​​hospitality.


I hope my travel guide on what to see in Bergamo in one day will be useful for you. If you have any question, leave a comment on the article and I’ll get back to you.


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