What to see in Verona?

Paola Tiberio

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Verona is one of the best known cities in Italy, thanks to the dramatic story of Romeo and Juliet. A romantic city to visit in any season. If you want to find out what to see in Verona and its surroundings, in this article you will find my itinerary proposal.


The historic center of Verona and the attractions not to be missed

Walking through the streets of the historic center you come across the most famous square in the city. We are in Piazza Brà and here is the beautiful arena of Verona, now home to concerts and shows but which, in the past, was the scene of clashes between gladiators. Built in the 1st century AD, it is frequently compared to the Colosseum, despite being half the size.


Amphitheaters such as the Verona arena were built away from homes due to the type of events that took place, the violence and the strong smell that followed the fighting. Over time, the clashes within it have ended and, to date, it is one of the most beautiful places to attend a concert or opera event.

If you decide to take part in one of its shows and enjoy the wonderful Verona in the evening, I suggest you take a look at the official website.

Another square to visit is certainly Piazza delle Erbe, the beating heart of city life and home to the weekend market. A place of passage often chosen by those who live there and by tourists for an aperitif before dinner. Near the square there is the Torre dei Lamberti, ideal for a panoramic view of the city.

The top can in fact be reached on foot or with a comfortable lift, the terraces await you to give you a glimpse that you will hardly forget. If during the day the Torre dei Lamberti is a tourist destination, in the evening it hosts private events.


What to see in Verona? Certainly Juliet’s balcony

A strong feeling, a love story from the past that ended in tragedy. William Shakespeare’s play fascinates millions of tourists every year, so much so that they take them to visit Juliet’s balcony, where it all began.

At the entrance you will find the bronze statue of Juliet and, looking up, the famous balcony of the lover. Have you ever seen Zeffirelli’s film dedicated to Romeo and Juliet? It could be a great idea to get to know each other better.

Juliet’s tomb, for those of you interested in visiting, is located in via del Pontiere 35 inside a convent of Capuchin friars and Monday is the only day it is closed.

What to see in Verona: Castelvecchio, from fortress to civic museum

About ten minutes from the historic center, we find the Castelvecchio. Born for defensive purposes and to follow the residence of the Scaligeri, today it is the seat of the civic museum. The various rooms exhibit collections of modern, Renaissance and medieval art. The online reservation system is certainly the best way to reserve your seat.

In addition to the museum, you can book the entrance to the Verona arena, Juliet’s house and tomb and other museums and attractions. On display you will find coins, medals, paintings, sculptures, prints and much more, impossible to give up the visit.

What to do in Verona, relax at the Giusti Garden and visit the Palazzo

An Italian garden full of flowers, Roman remains and embellished with fountains and labyrinths. The ideal place to relax and immerse yourself in a green lung that is unique in Verona.

The garden was born with the transfer of a Tuscan family for the dyeing of wool. It was used for the processing of the wool itself and the drawing up of clothes.

Over the years the Palazzo developed with the aim of being a representative residence with a well-kept garden full of plants including splendid cypresses. To date, seven rooms of the 900 apartment can be visited.

During the year in the Giusti Garden there are events and shows worthy of participation. On the official website you can choose the event you like best. Enjoy the beauty of this green area in the city.


Where to eat in Verona, the places not to be missed

For an aperitif, between canapes and croutons, a lunch or an evening with friends, I recommend the Il Cappello poster, a small inn located in front of Juliet’s house. A wide choice of dishes that will make the stop a memory to keep.

A well-known place in Verona is the Trattoria L’Altra Colonna, made famous thanks to its flagship: the schnitzel. The dishes do not end there, you will find the flavors of traditions such as risotto all’amarone or bigoli with musso.

In via Fontana Ferro at number 1 there is a restaurant specializing in typical dishes of the area, the Trattoria da Ropeton. If you want to discover the Venetian tradition, this is the restaurant for you. The pasta is handmade and the sauces used to dress it reflect the flavors of the past.

The wines are the result of a continuous search for local excellence and certainly represent an added value to the meal served. In fact, let’s not forget that Verona, every year, is home to the most important event in the Italian panorama related to wine, Vinitaly.

Verona is a city that offers visitors a series of activities and experiences that are able to make families with children and people of all ages and interests happy. A romantic city par excellence where culture, tradition and gastronomic offer attract hundreds of people every day.

With this article I hope to have given you a guide on what to see in Verona as complete as possible. Let me know where you would go as soon as you arrive in town! Finally, between Verona and Lake Garda I suggest you spend a few hours at Parco Natura Viva, it could be a great idea for the whole family!




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