Alpine skiing on the slopes of Monte Baldo

in Costabella

Paola Tiberio

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Monte Baldo during winter time

Who said there is nothing to do in Lake Garda in winter?

For lovers of the landscape and outdoor sports, the lake is certainly a paradise for the great choice of activities that can be practiced.

The absolute protagonist of the cold winter days is Monte Baldo which with its majestic elegance dominates the scenery of the lake landscape undisturbed.

He is there silent and solitary and offers a new scenario every day. He dances in the sunlight, tinges himself with the colors of the sky, hides in the clouds and then reappears in his immense splendor!

How could the landscape be without its presence?

Month after month it varies in appearance, passing from absolute white to intense green.

If you admire it from afar, from the shores of the lake, it speaks to you every day.

For ski mountaineering lovers, Monte Baldo offers routes of various levels of difficulty, but it is always advisable not to venture on the slopes unless you are a mountain expert and without having checked the weather conditions, the avalanche bulletin or not having the correct equipment.

Starting from Prada Alta, from the car park of the ski base of the former Costabella ski resort, take the path that leads to the Cima Costabella at 2000 meters above sea level.

Having prepared the equipment, mountaineering skis, backpack and everything necessary for safety (Artva probe, shovel and probe, crampons, helmet) you begin to tackle the climb through the woods and snow-covered paths.

Upon arriving at the first station, the panoramic view of Lake Garda offers immense emotions.

We allow ourselves a refreshment stop and admire the landscape that on clear days pushes the view up to the Apennines or the Venice Lagoon.

Once you have arrived here you can decide whether to continue towards the Fiori del Baldo Refuge at an altitude of 1816 meters or whether to prepare for the descent to the valley.

The excursion can vary from 3 hours or more.

If you decide to stop for a refreshment in the mountain huts, make sure they are open and contact them before planning the climb.

After a long climb it will be a pleasure to stop for a hot meal that repays the effort and warms the soul.

Have a good hike!

See you next outdoor activity!



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