Staycation: the new trend for the 2020 holidays

Paola Tiberio

Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan, has always been passionate about Travel and with an inexhaustible passion for the Houses, since 2000 freelance and subsequently Property Manager for tourism residences, is the founder of Gardalake Homedesign…

Feeling on vacation without going far!

About a year ago, in one of my innumerable travel searches on the web, I came across this curious term for the first time: STAYCATION. A term that first appeared way back in 2008 and also called HomeCation.

Like all the news I find, curiosity begins to ignite small question marks. What does Staycation mean?

A new term born from the union of the two English words STAY and VACATION then STAYCATION!

Vacation spent at HOME or nearby (to save money or for inability to travel due to lack of sufficient time for a long-haul destination)

On the web I found various definitions or slogans, but in essence nothing else is to plan a short holiday in your city or in the immediate vicinity that does not require the use of planes for travel.

From this point of view, a decidedly GREEN holiday: the holiday with the lowest CO2 emissions, say the researchers.

Considering my infinite passion for TRAVEL, my attraction for the countries of the World and the charm that many destinations have on my desire to explore places other than Italy, I archived the article, almost with a sense of limitation and restriction of mine field of action.

Rereading it today, in full quarantine, in which for over 40 days we have been living within the home and, like us Italians, the entire world population, I attribute a new meaning to this term. While not abandoning my desire to return to my places of the heart overseas, I have often realized that we do not know the places close to home and even more today!

We at Lake Garda are very lucky. We live in one of the places of excellence for international tourism. A paradise from all points of view and with an offer of experiences so rich that not even we residents are able to experience them all.

My activity in the tourism sector, in fact, has practically forced me to rethink my travel concept due to the fact that by working in the service of guests, my TIME factor no longer exists.

So I started to try small STAYCATION experiences personally.

What to do if I can’t travel far from home and can’t stay for more than two or three days, (sometimes only 1!), But at the same time I feel a great desire to see something new, try an experience, visit a historic center and get away, relax or simply unplug for a very short time from my daily routine?

And so I started with my daughter to be a tourist at my home! Yes, exactly: the Tourist at Lake Garda!

To tell the truth, my curiosity to be a tourist at my house and get confused among thousands of other tourists, dressing like a tourist and with the same enthusiasm, did not start last year, rather it is an instinct that I have always had.

Certainly one of the simplest experiences, but with great results, it has always been the desire for me to get on my scooter and “travel” from Peschiera del Garda to Brenzone. A very short journey, but I assure you that in a few kilometers everything changes: the perception of time, space, changes the landscape and above all the light. The greatest amazement has always been the mutation of the sky once you have crossed Punta San Vigilio. Almost as if crossing the promontory marked the entrance into a new dimension. Starting from the lower part of Garda early in the morning wrapped in mist and having passed the Baia delle Sirene, suddenly seeing the Sun illuminating the sky is an emotion that is repeated every time.

They are small emotions, but which change the course of the day and in the evening when you return home, tired, but happy, you feel that the day was absolutely fantastic!

Happy STAYCATION at Lake Garda!

To be continued PAOLA


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