Hymn to Italy

An endless journe

Paola Tiberio

Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan, has always been passionate about Travel and with an inexhaustible passion for the Houses, since 2000 freelance and subsequently Property Manager for tourism residences, is the founder of Gardalake Homedesign…

During the long quarantine period, I accidentally found in the library a very interesting book “Italy of Wonders”, written by Vittorio Sgarbi, published by Bompiani in 2009,

“For an Italy united by wonders”

Maybe a coincidence, maybe an answer to an inner search, to the desire I have always had for the lesser-known routes, the unknown routes, the hidden Italy, the Italy to be discovered slowly and that makes us amazed by its wealth.

A time consuming search for places, traditions, a desire to discover, to get out of the best known streets and get lost in the small villages, in the countryside, on the mountains, along the rivers, in the islands of Venice.

It is appropriate to say an endless journey, a continuous search. A journey that will take a long time. And as the author says:

“If the Journey is to retrace the steps of others in other times and in other lives, to recall, to see ghosts re-emerge, then set off, do not be lazy, because the life of art, of places, of our country derives from your wonder , the Italy of wonders “.

Italy is inexhaustible because even in the smallest village, art treasures can be found. Wonder and amazement.

In Italy everywhere there are villas of extraordinary beauty. And just as there are many places of man, infinite are the Landscapes that unite under the same word the majesty of the Dolomites with the magnificence of the Aeolian Islands, confirming the inseparability of our National Heritage, the heritage of history and beauty that makes the Our Italy.

Large and endless for the traveler who is about to visit it dedicating ten days, a month or years. To the obstinacy of the wayfarer, every place is inexhaustible and in every country, even the smallest can be studied in depth, from house to house, from country to country, always experiencing new emotions for what at first sight had escaped.

To the curious travelers, good trip to Italy!


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