CASSONE: a village out of time


Paola Tiberio

Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan, has always been passionate about Travel and with an inexhaustible passion for the Houses, since 2000 freelance and subsequently Property Manager for tourism residences, is the founder of Gardalake Homedesign…

Arriving on foot along the promenade that runs along the lake, the gaze is captured by an ancient tower.

A small artifact in stone and stones, with a circular plan and irregular features, covered by a roof in traditional terracotta tiles, which recalls the tower of a beautiful fairy tale for children.

The private tower used as a dwelling, with its irregularly arranged square windows and the bottle green wooden shutters aged by time, marks the entrance to the village

Next to it, a luxuriant fig plant spreads the green and woody smell typical of its leaves in the air which, mixing with the scent of lake water, transmit the unmistakable sensations of the hot Italian summer.

After passing the turret, as if by magic, you enter the village.

Cassone, a hamlet of Malcesine, is a modest and enchanting secluded and timeless village overlooking the shores of Lake Garda.

The atmosphere you breathe leads with memory to the ancient fishing village with its small port where, even today, the characteristic boats used for fishing on Lake Garda are still present.

Colored houses overlooking the marina, narrow streets and sleepy wooden benches in the shade of two trees with thick foliage complete the design of this sweet village.

Corso Aril, the shortest river on the lake, rises in the heart of the village forming a small lake where the trout lay their eggs. The slender river crosses the historic center and then flows into the waters of the deep lake.

Cassone is a center perfectly preserved and cared for by the few inhabitants who live there.

In the past there were mills and wind for grinding grain and mills that were driven by the force of the water of the Aril river, now no longer existing.

The Lake Museum, overlooking the harbor, offers visitors a glimpse of the life of fishermen, the tools used for fishing and tells the traditions of this activity. The period photographs show the ancient sailing boats that were used for the transport of goods that took place exclusively by lake. Outside the Museum of the lake, two large tanks host some varieties of lake fish.

A peaceful village that conveys serenity and a feeling of returning to the past. It is difficult not to be enchanted by the charm of this small lake jewel.


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