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Paola Tiberio

Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan, has always been passionate about Travel and with an inexhaustible passion for the Houses, since 2000 freelance and subsequently Property Manager for tourism residences, is the founder of Gardalake Homedesign…

How to plan a cheap holiday near home.

There are many ways to feel on vacation … even while staying at home, in your own city or in the immediate vicinity!

If you are tired of the daily routine, but you cannot afford to board a plane, become a tourist in your city.

Every traveler loves to travel! But sometimes it happens to return from a trip feeling more tired than before.

With Staycation this does not happen because it is a time when you can finally rest, relax, save your money by staying at home or in the tourist destinations closest to your city.

Here are some useful tips:

1. Plan the STAYCATION (alone, as a couple, as a family … to each their own holiday)

Staycation also needs to be planned like another vacation.

Try to make a list of the things you would like to do, that you love to do and that will help you clear your mind based on your personal interests.

Rearrange your time to do what you put off during the year and set new goals to achieve.

Do you want to try a new sport?
Read a book waiting for you on the bedside table?
Going out with friends?
Unplug and relax?
Savor nature?
Meditate or do yoga?
Laze all day?
Visiting a place of interest that you have never been able to see?

Spending time with the organization can allow you to compare prices, plan activities, shop or book a stay without this negatively affecting your budget.

2. PUT IN MODE: “Please do not disturb” I am currently in Staycation.

Despite staying at home or in the immediate vicinity, treat your time as you would any other HOLIDAY!

Leave the office behind, disable all notifications that could clutter your mind, such as news or group messages, chat, mail.
Log out! Learn to unplug, set up an email response “I’m out of the office”
Make yourself available only for something that is extremely urgent!

You are in your vacation period, not in “work from home” mode.

If you want a real vacation, you need to enjoy quality FREE TIME.

3. Explore your city, as if you were visiting a foreign city. Museums, parks, shops, points of interest

Each city hides many corners that are not yet known.

It could be a park, a church or a new exhibition in a museum.

If you live in a very large city there is always something new to find. If you live in a small town, you can explore nearby places.

Also look for some information on the history of your city or those nearby, it will be like being a tourist

4. A trip out of town with friends

Organizing fun activities with friends helps you feel on vacation even without going far.

A trip out of town is what it takes to explore some area a short distance from where you live.

Take this opportunity to travel green, the ideal is by bicycle, with a nice picnic basket as soon as you arrive at your destination!

5. What activities to carry out with children

Do children need to be outdoors? Or have fun with creative activities?

Organize a picnic in the courtyard or in a city park
Spend time in a different playground than usual
Plan a day trip to the countryside, to the lake or to the hills
Take a cooking class with the kids

6. Want some fresh air? Active Staycation between sport and meditation

Whether it’s a relaxing walk, a swim at the lake or a bicycle excursion, a little movement is what it takes to release the accumulated stress. Any physical activity is fine to reactivate.

Make sure to check the distance and difficulty of the routes in advance so that you can prepare for the tour and equip a backpack with packed lunch and water.

Even meditation or a YOGA lesson in the open air will help you to unplug and dedicate yourself to a journey into the mind.

7. Take care of yourself

Do we need to relax to recharge our energies and get a little distracted?

To feel good you can take time to take care of yourself: some beauty mask or some special treatment and you will come back as new.

Alternatively you can choose a spa day. Planning the time will allow you to search for the most suitable solution and compare prices.

8. Read a good book

Just as you would do on the beach under an umbrella, the staycation is definitely the ideal time to devote yourself to reading.

Look for the titles that interest you most, or get advice on new releases from friends and acquaintances.

Reading is always a good idea, but even more so when you have plenty of time to do it calmly!

According to experts, reading reduces stress by 61%.

You could borrow books from the library!


9. Digital detox

Work and staycation don’t get along!

Therefore, Stop work emails, phones, computers and tablets: a real digital detox.

We must “purify ourselves” from the technologies that now follow us constantly in everyday life.

Concentrate on your vacation: work can certainly wait!


10. Sleep (the right) and Laze

Yes, sleep: one of the first rules when you are on vacation!

To feel on vacation even while staying at home, start by giving yourself a few more hours of rest and make up for the backlog. Fresh and rested you will certainly be ready for a new day dedicated to the things you love to do more.

Are you just tired and don’t feel like doing anything? Take all your time to laze around!

The list of activities does not end here! Free your imagination.

To each their own STAYCATION


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